Neatline Error

I imported a few records after installing Neatline to play with it. They were successfully pulled in and appear on the left hand side of the interface when I use the plugin, but I can't seem to work with them: whenvever I try to modify the records and click the Save or Delete buttons at the bottom, I get a red box in the upper right hand corner with the following text:

"There was an error-the record was not saved"

I updated to 2.0 and the error still comes up. I know Neatline has a forum on github, but I am not a developer and wanted to see if I could fix it myself.



Hi rappel,

There can be a lot of things that can cause this to happen. We've seen things like a web server module falsely thinking this was a scripting attack on the server to weird PHP differences.

To better figure out what's going on, what version of PHP are you using, and how do you have omeka deployed? Is it running from your user account (in something like ~/public_html), or from somewhere else on the server? Also, have you upgraded to the latest version of Neatline (2.2.1)? Do you have other plugins installed?