Neatline editor - won't save anything

Hi Folks,

I've installed neatline (version 2.1.1)onto my 2.1.1 omeka instance. All looks okay but when I created a test exhibit and tried to save anything I get the following error in the top right of the page "There was an error; the exhibit was not saved"

Any suggestions?

Hey Tom,

Hmm, sounds like some kind of configuration error on the server. Let's try this:

1. Open up the test exhibit in Chrome.

2. Open up the developer tools by clicking on the icon with three little horizontal bars at the top right of the screen, then Tools > Developer Tools. Then click on the "Network" tab.

3. In Neatline, click on "New Record," and then click "Save." Down at the bottom of the screen, you should see two new requests listed. Click on the first of the two, the one with "POST" in the "Method" column.

4. In the view that comes up on the right, click on the "Response" tab. Can you copy and paste all of the text into this thread?

This should give us a bit more information to debug.


Hi David,

Thanks for the speedy response. here's the response from Chrome when I attempted to save a new record:

<title>501 Method Not Implemented</title>
<h1>Method Not Implemented</h1>
<p>POST to /neatline/records not supported.
<address>Apache/2.2.0 (Fedora) Server at Port 80</address>

Hey Tom,

Hmm, alright, looks like something about the Apache configuration is causing the server to reject the POST requests that are getting generated by the Neatline front-end application.

This type of problem can be a bit hard to debug in the abstract. Are you able to make configuration changes on the server? If so - Is mod_security enabled? Anything non-standard in the vhost?


Hi David,

All working now - passed this onto my web hosting provider and they have changed the config accordingly.

Thanks very much for your help on this.



I am getting a similar error and seeing this under my response tab:

Notice: Undefined index: selector in /var/www/evan/plugins/Neatline/helpers/Styles.php on line 42

Notice: Undefined index: selector in /var/www/evan/plugins/Neatline/helpers/Styles.php on line 42

Notice: Undefined index: selector in /var/www/evan/plugins/Neatline/helpers/Styles.php on line 42
{"owner_id":10,"item_id":null,"exhibit_id":22,"added":null,"modified":"2014-07-24 12:04:06","is_coverage":0,"is_wms":0,"slug":null,"title":null,"item_title":null,"body":null,"coverage":null,"tags":null,"widgets":null,"presenter":"StaticBubble","fill_color":"#00aeff","fill_color_select":"#00aeff","stroke_color":"#000000","stroke_color_select":"#000000","fill_opacity":0.3,"fill_opacity_select":0.4,"stroke_opacity":0.9,"stroke_opacity_select":1,"stroke_width":2,"point_radius":10,"zindex":null,"weight":null,"start_date":null,"end_date":null,"after_date":null,"before_date":null,"point_image":null,"wms_address":null,"wms_layers":null,"min_zoom":null,"max_zoom":null,"map_zoom":null,"map_focus":null,"id":"542"}

Does that mean anything to you?


I suspect this may be a different problem under the hood. Are you getting the page mentioned in this comment ( when you follow David's steps above?

If you're not, what version of Neatline are you using?