Neatline editor does not work

I recently set up Neatline on the 1.5 version of Omeka.

When I open up the Neatline editor, I can see the purple Neatline bar at the top of the page, the tabs, and on the left hand side I can see icons (records, a pin, and a clock). However, when I click on anything on this page nothing happens.

My impression was that I should get drop down menus from the tabs and the icons--is this true? I also don't see a map (the rest of the screen is just white). I thought the background defaulted to a basic map if you chose not to upload an image.

At first I thought it may have been a browser issue but after trying it in Chrome, Firefox and IE it shows up the same way, leading me to think there is an issue with my setup.

Are there any steps I could be missing that would cause this? Any words of advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi bhmarsha!

What version of Neatline are you using? I suspect this is related to a problem that we fixed in the 1.1.3 release last week [1] - if you're working with 1.0-1.1.2, try updating to 1.1.3. If the problem persists, we'll debug from there.

All best,



Which version of Neatline did you install? There was a recent issue with the SIMILE Timeline widget that effectively broke Neatline because of how that Javascript was getting loaded. If you're not already running 1.1.3, you'll need to upgrade the plugin.



Thanks David and Wayne! I upgraded to 1.1.3 and everything looks good now.



Does Neatline 1.1.3 only work with Omeka 1.5? I get a server error every time I upload the Neatline directory into the plugins file for Omeka 2.0.3. Thanks!


That's correct, the released version of Neatline works with Omeka 1.5.x. Neatline 2.0 is currently in an alpha release (see if you'd like to use it now. As it is still alpha-level software, there are still some bugs to be worked out (another build will come out soon), so you may need to upgrade the plugin a few more times before the final release is out.