Neatline Editor broke after upgrading to 2.2.1

I updated my Neatline plugin to 2.2.1. Now when I go to the Neatline Editor I can't see the side navigation column. The "Enter SVG" box is open on the screen but I cannot click on it.

What did I do wrong? Do I need to update other plugins to fix this?


Hey Brianna,

Any chance you've got the NeatlineSimile or NeatlineWaypoints plugins installed? If you upgraded from a pre-2.2 version, you'll also need to install the latest versions of those plugins.

All best,

Thanks, David. I just upgraded NeatlineWaypoints, NeatlineSimile, and CSVImport. I also installed NeatlineTime.

However, now when I click on my Neatline tab all of my exhibits are gone. When I create a new exhibit and get to the Neatline Editor, I am having the same problem: the "Enter SVG" box is open and nothing displays on the left hand pane.

Any ideas on what broke? And could you or someone else explain why all my past exhibits are gone? This may have been a rookie mistake on my part to not back something up appropriately but I have been upgrading plugins for almost a year and have never had this issue. Any advice that would help me avoid this would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hey Brianna,

Can you describe the sequence of steps that you took - what version of Neatline you upgraded _from_, which plugins (and versions) are currently installed, etc.?

As for the missing exhibits - the only time when Neatline will actually remove data is when the plugin is uninstalled, which drops the exhibits and records tables. When did the exhibits disappear - after upgrading Neatline, or after upgrading / installing the other plugins? One possibility - if you upgraded from a 1.x version of Neatline, it's possible that the server environment isn't set up the handle the background process that migrates the data, which isn't a big problem - you'd just need to change a configuration setting and re-run the migration.

About the problems in the editor - can you open up the Javascript Tools in Chrome and copy-and-paste any error messages that you see in the console? Also, maybe try emptying the cache - sometimes the browser will serve up cached versions of the Javascrtips / CSS payloads for the first few requests after an upgrade.


Aha! After clearing the cache it appears to be working.

As far as losing my exhibits, the problem must be that I uninstalled then reinstalled Neatline to troubleshoot, hoping that would solve the issues I was having. Clearly I didn't think that through completely.

Thanks as always for your words of wisdom on Neatline!