Neatline: Draw SVG (code doesn't parse)

I'm trying to enter XML code into the SVG entry box to overlay a graphic onto a map in Neatline. I am receiving an error saying that my code is not parsing.

I opened the SVG file in "Text Edit," cut and pasted into the box.... just like these instructions:


Do you have a link to your SVG you're trying to use? What editor did you use to create the file? SVG can be a fickle format, so there may be something that's not getting accounted for in the svg parser...


I also faced the same issue but found a free tool to add SVG. is the answer.

Hi folks,

There was actually a bug in the SVG -> WKT conversion library that was included in the alpha releases that was breaking on long paths (when the path data caused the line to break in the source markup). This was fixed in the stable 2.0 release.

garuda3060, are you still getting the error? If so, can you send me the actual SVG file that you're working with ( I'll see if I can figure out what's going on.