Neatline: Different theme for Omeka and Neatline

Is it possible to have different themes for Omeka and Neatline?

You can change the theme for a specific Neatline exhibit by following the instructions on Creating Themes for Individual Neatline Exhibits.

However, there's no way to pick a different Omeka theme to use on only pages that contains a Neatline exhibit.

I want to do the opposite. I am using Neatlight theme because it works with WordLines but when I use that theme my Omeka collection doesn't look good. SO I like the theme for Neatline but not for Omeka itself. Is that possible?

To clarify, you want to use a theme that is not Neatlight for Omeka as a whole, but want to use the Neatlight theme for your Neatline exhibits that use NeatlineText and Wordlines?

At that moment, that is not directly possible. Neatlight itself is a full Omeka theme, and Omeka can only have one theme at a time. What you can do is set the theme for Omeka to be whatever you want, and then create a custom theme for your Neatline exhibits, per the link in erochest's post above. You can look at the Neatlight theme, especially show.php, to help you get an idea of how to display the narrative to the side of the map in your own custom exhibit. You can also look at the CSS files in Neatlight to help you figure out which selectors you need to use to style the exhibit. Once you have the custom Neatline theme working, you could copy it for each of your exhibits that you want to share that layout and styling.

Thanks csbailey, can I apply whatever theme I like for the Omeka site and then just copy Neatlight's show.php and Neatlight's CSS into my specific Neatline's exhibit theme directory (whatever the directory is of my specific exhibit as per instructions in erochest's post) if I want it to look exactly as Neatlight theme?

tarsierspectral, it's a start. You will need to look over the show.php file and see if it calls any Javascript specific to the theme. For instance, in Neatlight, the show.php files queues the show.js file. That Javascript may need to be included in your own script.js file and the show.php file edited so that it isn't calling a non-existent Javascript file.

I see thanks!

Is it possible to default to Neatline and not Omeka when one opens the site? All I'm trying to do is use Omeka as a bibliography page so when one is interested to see full metadata they can do so but the main site is Neatline. With the Neatlight exhibit this works until someone actually wants to see the bibliography page and it's a mess.

Yes, see for more info on choosing a home page.

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See Wayne's response above.