Neatline: developer documentation

Where do I find it?

There's no generated documentation, though the source code is well documented. Most of the application builds on Backbone.js with Marionette tying various ViewControllers for messaging between various components.

Is there something in particular you're looking for?

Yes, I am looking for info on how to implement a new presenter.

In Neatline itself when one clicks on the "?" next to the presenter heading it states to see the developer documentation on how to do that:

"The Neatline plugin API makes it easy for developers to implement completely new presenters, which would then be available for selection in this field. For example, it would be easy to write a presenter that would add a "floating" bubble that would track the location of the cursor on the page, or a presenter that would open up a full-screen modal view. See the developer documentation for more information about creating new presenters.

and also here:

Any idea how to go about implementing a new presenter?

You can look at the source for presenters

If you run in to problems, open a ticket with a question on github.