Neatline: custom presenters

I'm trying to add a custom presenter in Neatline, and I'm having trouble. I've consulted the files associated with the static bubble, as well, and mimicked them as best I can, but my presenter still isn't appearing in my exhibit. Has anyone created custom presenters, and, if so, would you be willing to share the steps that I need to take to get this working?


I've found David McClure's old Floating Bubble plugin, and have installed it. I've made the corrections he mentions here (, but I'm still having issues bringing this presenter plugin up to date. If anyone could offer any assistance, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Is there a particular issue you have? Might be worth following up on the github issue.

Sorry for going silent -- I've realized that Waypoints is a simpler answer to my question, so I've abandoned the custom presenter question. The issue I was having, though, was knowing what files to update to work with the new Neatline and how. Thanks for the reply!