Neatline bubble width

How do I change bubble width? I tried to do it in style.css but it doesn't do anything.

What did you do in the style.css file? Also where is that file located?

I added this:
.bubble.static.selected {
width: 200px;

to style.css to my Neatline specific theme
the location of that file is

Is there a URL with what you're working on available? I might be easier to give you more detailed instructions if we have something to look at...


Actually, I probably don't need to resize it anymore as I made the thumbnails smaller

If you're attempting to make the bubble more narrow, this worked for me. Making the bubble larger than 400 did not seem to work, though. Is that what you're trying to do?

Could you have other CSS that's interfering with this?

Hmm, not sure, will look

The site you have linked only has private items; could you make this one public?

How do I make the whole site public, I made an item public but how do I do that for the whole site?

You need to make the Neatline exhibit public.

Ahh, great, thanks, it's public now.