Neatline: Bubble covers timeline

Is there a way to make it so the bubble doesn't cover the timeline when there is a lot of info in the bubble?

any ideas?

You can limit the size of the bubble by adding this to the Neatline exhibit's theme's style.css:

div.bubble.static.selected {
height: 500px;

You might also try setting a max-height on the selected div of a percentage. You'll need to play with the number a bit (and perhaps look at different screen sizes), but I'd try like 50% first. See for more on this.

if I limit the height of the bubble, will the scroll bars show up?

Just as they do now, yes.

Thank you!

Is there any way to make the bubble height be auto size but limit it to no more than 75% (so for very long bubbles it wouldn't cover the timeline but still auto fit all other content)?