neatline availabilty for

It doesn't look like neatline is available for users. Is there any plan for making this available soon? My primary interest in using omeka is to be able to plot my current dissertation research on a neatline map/timeline and I was disappointed to see that I can't do this without having a server of my own.

Neatline Maps will not be able on, but we hope at some point to make Neatline Time and Features available as plugins for Net users. We do not, however, have that work scheduled. If you are interested working with Neatline soon, I recommend investigating a hosting option. There are some Amazon packages that include both Omeka, Neatline, and GeoServer that might be useful for you:,

Good luck with your project.

I am also interested in seeing Neatline made available for users. Trying to avail myself of SheilaBrennan's suggestion here, I got myself an Amazon Web Services account and am trying to follow the instructions on but when I click "Launch AMI," a popup comes up, and I hit "Continue," (even though most of the fields that appear in the popup seem empty) but nothing happens. Suggestions?

You may want to direct your questions to James Smithies who set up the AMIs: