Neatline and reclaim hosting

Hi, so I want to create a neatline project via my own site hosted through reclaim hosting. I've installed omeka through the hosting platform but I cannot work out how to get the neatline plug-in. Any advice?

Hi kayellefox,

In order to install the Neatline plugin, you'll need to upload the plugin files to your instance of Omeka.

First, download Neatline from here:

Then, unzip that file. That gives you the Neatline directory.

Reclaim Hosting has a file manager in cPanel. That will let you upload files or directories to your site. In this case, you want to upload the Neatline directory to [omeka_folder]/plugins/ where [omeka_folder] is the name of your particular Omeka installation. You can find directions for using the file manager in cPanel at:

Once you've uploaded the Neatline directory, login to your Omeka site. Go to Plugins, which should be in the top nav bar. Neatline should now appear in your list of plugins along with a button that says Install. Click that and you'll be good to go.

If you run into any problems, let us know.


Hi csbailey, thanks for your quick response! The directions on reclaim are a bit difficult to follow, but if I'm reading them right do I need to create the omeka folder you mentioned? Also, which part of the neatline unzip file gets uploaded, is it NeatlinePlugin.php?

It looks like Reclaim Hosting might automatically install Omeka to the public_html folder. If you go to that in the cPanel file manager, does it contain a number of folders such as admin, application, files, plugins, and themes? If so, that's your Omeka installation. Since you've used their installer for Omeka, it should be already created for you.

Neatline itself is that whole folder that was created when you unzipped the downloaded file. In the cPanel file manager, you'll want to navigate to the plugins folder, and then upload the folder containing all of the Neatline files.

Following up here (we just sent a followup by email as well Kerry). We got the plugin installled (Omeka was in a subfolder, not the root and indeed we needed to get all the Neatline files into the plugins folder there). Also sent this to Kerry but wanted to put it here as well for anyone who comes across this via search, a great document put together by some folks at CHNM last year on installing plugins both on Reclaim Hosting as well as other providers using the File Manager