Neatline 2.0 Installation Error

I just installed the new Omeka and Neatline 2.0. I uploaded Neatline to the plugins folder, and even though I don't have a previous version of Neatline installed, I get the request to "Upgrade."

So I click the Upgrade button, and get the following error:

Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate column name 'published'

I tried reinstalling, but no luck. is there a way to fix/modify the database?


This seems really weird; are you using a database that had a previous version by any chance?

In any event, if there is no previous NeatlineExhibits, try clicking on the Uninstall button in the plugin manager, then click the Install button. This _should_ resolve this particular issue. If not, if you could let me know the operating system you've installed Omeka on, the version of PHP you're using, and the version of Omeka you're running, we can troubleshoot further.

Let me know how it goes...


You're right, wsgrah! I was somehow using a database from a previous installation.

It works now. Thank you.