Neatlight theme for Neatline text

I am having problems configuring the Neatlight theme. I've checked the links to display in the main navigation, but they do not appear.

I am still having this issue. To be more specific, when I view my Neatline exhibitions using this theme they look right, I am able to see my narrative text on the side. But I can't navigate to my main omeka page. If I type in my omeka home page address I can only see "about" none of the other navigation tabs are visible. I am running Omeka 2.1.3 and Neatline 2.2.0

Hi Aherman,

I don't believe we put in the main theme navigation for that in the github repo, it's really just for Neatline exhibits (and why it's not been released in the Omeka repository).

You can submit a bug report on this at, but I think you just need to add something like this to the common/header.php file:

<nav id="top-nav">
<?php echo public_nav_main(); ?>


Ah ok. We have one shared install of Omeka that includes the Neatline plugin at our college, so for classes needing "Neatlight" to create nice looking Neatline exhibitions it's great, but then it messes up the appearance for the classes creating regular Omeka projects. For some reason I thought it would be separate, the way you can change the theme for exhibit builder generated exhibitions without changing the main site theme. I will pass the code you sent on to our IT staff who maintain our install. Thank you!

Hi aherman,

You can have your IT group get in touch with us if they have any questions...I can also share with them how we deploy large numbers of Omeka sites too if they need it.


Today I add neatlight to my omeka but they do not appear.

Also I add <nav id="top-nav">
<?php echo public_nav_main(); ?>

but they do not appear in my list of plugins?


What do you mean by "they do not appear"? The neatlight theme is very minimal, so when you enable it, there is less on the screen than there is for the default Omeka them. Or do you mean that your existing Neatline exhibits no longer appear on the public site?

In muy list of new plugins , I don"t see the plugin for activate..

Hi gus, Neatlight is a theme rather than a plugin. Once you've copied the Neatlight directory into your Omeka install's theme directory, it should appear under "Appearance" with the other themes. From there, you can choose "Use this theme" to activate it for your Omeka install.

Thanks very much. I unzip in themes directory and it is ok..
but my questions is
Is possible use Neatlight for Neatline exhibitions only and also use my theme Santa Fe.


Hi gus,

At the moment it is not possible to have two full Omeka themes running at once. What you can do is create exhibit specific themes for your Neatline exhibits following these directions:

If you like the way that Neatlight looks, then you could use some of the code and styling from Neatlight to achieve similar results in your own custom exhibit theme. That would allow you to keep Santa Fe as your Omeka theme but get the Neatlight look for your Neatline exhibits.

Thanks very much Bailey