Nealine WMS Layer Opacity


I have numerous wms layers as neatline records, and I would like to add a "selected" stroke around each image that highlights when selected and linked from the waypoints plugin. I determine these coordinates using gdalinfo of the wms layer.

It appears that the "fill opacity" of the Neatline Record is tied to both the geometry/vectors and the wms layer, is this correct? If so, is there a way to hide the fill color of the geometry, retaining the stroke, while still displaying the wms layer?

Is there another way to add a border to a wms layer?

Thanks in advance


I believe the answer is a simple as drawing a LINESTRING instead of a POLYGON.


Hi Dave,

We've fixed the fill opacity issue in Neatlien 2.4 which should be out this week. If you'd like, this is fixed in the master branch on Github ( if you'd like to take a look.