I am new to Omeka and I would like to build exhibits with a navigation on the left side like this:

Is there a particular theme which allows this kind of navigation? Or is it necessary to have PHP skills? Must I modify the header file in commons?

In the site of the Rockfeller foundation, do you know if the dropdown menus, under the main menus, are an adaptation of a theme or if there is a theme which can make this?

Is it possible to add more than 12 or 13 items on the layout in pages of exhibits section? Which file must I modify?


Both of those examples look like they have customized themes. The default "Thanks, Roy" theme has navigation on the left, but if you need something different you are moving into customizing at least the header.php file of a theme, which would take some PHP and design skills.

Which version of Exhibit Builder are you using? In the most recent version, there's no limit to the number of blocks, or items in a block, when building exhibit pages.

Thank you for your reply.

I have updated the most recent version of Exhibit Builder and indeed, I can add with no limit number of blocks.