Navigation from Simple Home Page to Exhibit -

Title kind of says it all. I made a Simple Page as an introduction to an exhibit, and it comes up as my Home Page when I click "View Public Site". But there's no way to get to the exhibit from the Simple Page except through the tiny "Browse Exhibits" link . . . . I suspect this has to be done by configuring the theme? (Seasons) If it has to do with "relative links" and "absolute links", I'm lost. Help appreciated.

That is correct. Simple Pages and exhibit pages are not connected to each other other than through the website's main navigation.

If you want to change the text and the links in that main navigation, you can by configuring the theme:

If you wish to add a link within the body of the Simple Page to the exhibit, you may add a link to that exhibit.

For other questions about using, please check the Help section,, and then use the Help form to ask questions: