nav and url functions

I'm a bit confused about the nav() and url() functions for Omeka 2.0. Why is this not working?

<?php echo nav(array('Browse All' => url('items'), 'Browse by Tag' => url('items/tags'))); ?>

Zend_Navigation_Exception: Invalid argument: $page must resolve to an instance of Omeka_Navigation_Page_Mvc or Omeka_Navigation_Page_Uri

What am I missing on this one?

The nav function has changed to use Zend_Navigation conventions. Sorry, looks we don't have an example of this in the new documentation yet. Now, it gets an array of arrays which contain the information to build up the navigation, and an optional name for a filter. So something like this builds it up.

$navArray = array(
 'Dashboard' => array('label'=>'Dashboard', 'uri'=>url('contribution/index') ),
  'Contribution Types' => array('label'=>'Contribution Types', 'uri'=>url('contribution/types') ),
  'Submission Settings' => array('label'=> 'Submission Settings', 'uri'=>url('contribution/settings') )

echo nav($navArray, 'contribution_navigation');

In your case, I think it'd be

$navArray = array();
$navArray[] = array('label'=>'Browse All', 'uri'=>url('items'));
$navArray[] = array('label'=>'Browse By Tag', 'uri'=>url('items/tags'));

echo nav($navArray);

Got it, thanks!