Mysqli statement execute error


I have seen reference to this error on another post, but that post related to the installation of Omeka. We have been running Omeka for a few months, without any problems. I recently noticed that this error appears at the top of our exhibit/show pages: Error:Mysqli statement execute error : No data supplied for parameters in prepared statement.

Can you advise me as to what I should check/do here?


Hi Beth,

That's an interesting, but vague MySQL error statement. :) Not sure offhand what's up. Do you have pages in your exhibit? In ohter words, does the page exist for the URL you're trying to get to? does this happen on every exhibit page, or just one? If its on one page, I would suspect something is wrong with the specific layout your're using for that page, or something wrong with the data that's supposed to be displayed on that page.

And, just for debugging, do you have debug.exceptions = true in your config.ini file? That might give a more detailed error message. If you can provide a link to a page that displays that error, that might help us determine the problem.

Hi Jeremy,

I changed debug.exceptions to true and now there are a LOT more error messages for you to review! Here is a link to one of the problem exhibits. If you select any of the sections, the errors will display.

The errors occur when I am on an exhibit main page and select one of the existing sections. This happens for all exhibits for which I am using the same exhibit theme, which is a variation of the Basic theme that I have modified a bit.

I also created a second modified theme from the Basic theme and do not get errors for that exhibit. If you go to this URL and select any of the sections, the errors do not occur:

Thank you for your help!

Hi Jeremy,

This error has been resolved on our end.

Thank you!

Glad you got it working!