Mysqli statement execute error while installing

OS: Solaris 10
PHP : 5.3.0
MySql/Mysqli: 5.1.37
Apache 2.2.12

While installing omeka we encountered the following error.
"Mysqli statement execute error : No data supplied for parameters in prepared statement"
We found the following bug report on php bug tracker.

Does omeka work with php 5.3?


Hi Dhanu,

At this time we don't have PHP 5.3.0 on our developer testing server, so I can't confirm or deny this.. but based upon the bug report you pointed to, it appears that there is an error that's caused by php 5.3 at this time.

Were you successfully running Omeka on a previous version of PHP?

In addition to a patch being applied to PHP itself, there's a ticket on the Zend Framework's website for a work-around, with a forthcoming patch as well. Once that patch is submitted, we'll see if it's something we can implement into Omeka as it is right now, or a future release of Omeka's software.


Hi Dave,

We have php 5.2.10 on our development server and Omeka is working on that. Because of this error we recompiled php to 5.2.10 on the production server hosting Omeka and now it's working fine.


Also for future reference for anyone having trouble I'll document the following two workaround we had to do.
- Omeka is reporting ModRewrite not enabled even though it's enabled on the server. We had to comment out line 45 on install/Installer.php file.

- At the beginning of the installation page is not rendering properly. Page is showing some weird random characters. Won't even display the "Begin Installation" link.
Commented out line 27 to 30 on paths.php file.
// Set the zlib config values if the extension has been loaded.
/*if (extension_loaded('zlib')) {
ini_set('zlib.output_compression', 'On');
ini_set('zlib.output_compression_level', '5');

These errors could be something specific to our server environment, but wanted to document the workarounds so that anyone else having trouble could try them out.