MYSQL issues during migration


I'm working on migrating my Omeka site to a new server. I installed Omeka in the new location and all is well on that end.

However, due to the new host's requirements, I needed to change the database user/name when installing the fresh site.

I'm wondering if that is why I'm having issues importing the original database (which is about 34Mb, maybe another problem) into the new one?

Not being particularly well-versed in MYSQL, I'm hoping someone has a bit of advice on this.

I've tried manually editing the database name in the original dump file, but it looks like it may time out and/or pass another error telling me I don't have permission again.



Ok, yeah, changing the name didn't work:

#1007 - Can't create database 'mydbname'; database exists

Here's another one after changing the name back:

#1044 - Access denied for user 'new_db'@'%' to database 'old_db'

Okay, in phpMyAdmin, I copied the database as the new name, optimized, exported and then imported into the new DB on the other server. Everything seems to be working just fine.

Once again, I seem to have posted hastily and answered my own question within the hour.


That's okay, Erin, glad you figured it out.