myOmeka ?

Hi, we are looking at moving our digital archive to Omeka and one of the features we really like is myOmeka. One of our concerns is how it will work with our college's CMS which runs on Sharepoint. Specifically, will myOmeka work with active directory?

I don't know much about Sharepoint other than it is a Microsoft product that runs on a Windows server. Omeka runs on a Linux-Apache server (See Preparing to Install, in documentation:

If Sharepoint has an OAI-PMH or simple CSV-file export, you can export from Sharepoint and import those items into Omeka using plugins. You would not, however, be able to create a free flow of content back and forth from one system to another.

Regarding active directory, if you are asking if MyOmeka will work with user accounts/profiles from Sharepoint, the answer is no. MyOmeka cannot manage/import user profiles from other systems. Individual users will have to create their own My Omeka accounts.

Yes, my question was if it will work with user accounts/profiles from Sharepoint. Thanks for the quick response. I don't think it will be a deal breaker for us but it's a good thing to know going into it.