my_omeka_user_status function

Using the following function:

if (function_exists('my_omeka_user_status')){
echo '<div id="myomeka-status">'.my_omeka_user_status().'.</div>';

... the output looks like:

logged in as html_escape(username).

Is there a better way to use this function, or is this just a bug?

Thanks -- Erin

(PS: glad to see MyOmeka back in action!)

That... sounds like a bug to me.

We'll look into it.

Ooopsie! Darn matching quotation marks.

Changing line 248 in MyOmeka/plugin.php to this should make it behave:

$html = "<p>logged in as <a href=\"" . html_escape(uri(array(), 'myOmekaDashboard')) . "\">" . html_escape($user->username) . "</a> | <a href=\"" . html_escape(uri(array('action'=>'logout', 'controller'=>'users'), 'default')) . "\">Logout</a></p>";

The only change is to sort out the matching quotation marks, so what is currently there will look almost identical.

The change is also committed in the github repo