Must log in to see timeline

One of our users added two timelines to our Omeka 2.0.4 instance. When you click on timelines from the main page, you can see the timelines if you are logged in, but if you are not logged in, you are prompted to log in instead of seeing the timelines. I gave 777 access recursively to the files folder, but the entire omeka tree is owned by root:root. Is it a permissions problem?

This sounds like the timelines haven't been made public. That's usually the cause of something like this.

They are public, but double-checked to be sure. I should have mentioned that. Sorry.

Here's a bit better description of what is happening. Our user who is loading the data supplied this description:

The other timeline just did the same thing the first did. Right in front of my eyes.

I go on the site. Everything looked the same as yesterday. Went to edit item query for first timeline and it said
Newspapers" Items Query

The “Secession in the Newspapers” timeline displays items that match the following query:

But NO query edit box
Went to second timeline. Edit Query opened up fine.
Went to Edit metadata made sure public was checked. Clicked save.
Went to view second timeline and the item originally added to the timeline was GONE.
Opened edit item query, got the same message as with timeline #1
Newspapers" Items Query

The “Secession in the Newspapers” timeline displays items that match the following query:

Logged out and went to Timelines on the homepage.
Hit Timelines and got a log in page instead of a timeline"

Again, this is Omeka version 2.0.4 and Neatline Time version 2.0.0. I thought at one time the installation directions said to make the owner:group to be apache:root, but I don't see that in the instructions anymore for 2.0.4 so my whole tree is set to root:root. Could this be a problem or is it something else?? Please help. I believe the firewall will allow the outside world to see the site, but am not positive our infrastructure group changed it. The site is at

Any ideas? If needed, I can create a user and give privileges to someone to create a timeline to see for yourself what is happening.


Will have to investigate this more, but it appears that /neatline-time path is inaccessible, but /neatline-time/timelines is. See:

Not sure yet if this is a bug in NeatlineTime, but I'll investigate further and let you know. In the meantime, you can probably just update that navigation link to use neat line-time/timelines for the URL.

tdouty, looks like this was a bug in Neatline Time, and I believe I've addressed it. Try downloading version 2.0.1 of Neatline Time and let me know if it fixes your problem.

Wonderful. Thanks Jeremy. I'll try it this afternoon and update the thread with the results.


Thank you so much for fixing the plugin. I deactivated the old plugin, unzipped the new one and reactivated the new plugin and everything is working! Thanks again.

There appears to be another problem with Timelines in this version. I'm not a user of omeka (just do the admin work) and don't really know the ins and outs of what all this thing can do, but we have a librarian who is populating the data and says it isn't working correctly. The bug I described before where it was asking for a login to see public timelines has been fixed. However, there was another issue that I didn't know about so didn't report. That issue still exists. I'll include the report of how to recreated the issue here and hope it makes sense to those here. I have omeka version 2.0.4 installed and version 2.0.1 of the Neatline Time plugin installed.

Ok here is her description:

1 - I added a new timeline and queried one collection that had one item, I made that collection public.
2 - That went up fine no problems that I can see.
3 - Went back and made the collection NOT PUBLIC and when I opened the timeline to view it the item was gone.
4 - Went to the Item query page and get a statement The “Todds timeline” timeline displays items that match the following query:
5 - Went back to edit timeline metadata and made the timeline public and still can't see any item on the timeline (its gone back to 2012 instead of 1863)
6 - I also can't edit item query because it gives me the same message The “Todds timeline” timeline displays items that match the following query: and doesn't open the query page.

Is the item also public tdouty? I cannot reproduce this myself. If you have a link to the Omeka installation, especially a link to the timeline where this problem is occurring, please share that, as it migth help me debug the issue.

I made a test collection, and made that public. I created a test item, with a valid date, added it to the test collection, and made that item public. Then I made a timeline, and only set the collection for the test collection in the item query. The item shows up fine on the timeline, regardless of whether I'm logged in or not, and regardless of whether the collection is public or not. The only scenario where the item does go away is when that item is not public, and I'm not logged in to Omeka. This is expected behavior.

Part 6 sounds odd, like the page isn't completely loading or something. There's no reason why any of set metadata on any of these records would prevent the query form from showing up.

Thanks for the quick reply Jeremy. I wasn't expecting that on a Friday afternoon. As I said, I'm not sure I fully understand the problem so I asked the librarian who is working on it if she would respond here. She should be posting shortly. I'll be watching the topic and will assist in any way I can. I could give you access to omeka on the development server if needed. Thanks again.

Hi There. I'm responding to the scenario described by Jeremy Boggs. Try this- now that you have created the timeline go back and make it NOT PUBLIC. the go to the page that lists the timelines. Then view the timeline while logged in and the original item should now be gone. Then go back to the EDIT ITEM QUERY page and the page won't come up. Then try making the timeline public and still the item shoudl be gone and if you go to edit item query the query form won't load. This is all while logged in of course.

tdouty sstatham Yup, I can reproduce that. Very odd. In my testing, it looks like it doesn't matter what the state of the Items or Collections are (whether they're public or not): If you set the timeline to not public, it doesn't display any items from its query.

I've added a ticket to the issue tracker for Neatline Time for this problem. Will do another bug fix release as soon as I figure out the problem. If you're up for it, I may send you a version to test before I actually tag it.

Updated the ticket for this. Turns out I have a silly bug in this where it reserializes the query every time the record gets saved. doesn't matter which field you update on the timeline. Will try to get this fixed ASAP. Apologies for the trouble.

Thanks for the quick response. We really appreciate it! We'll wait to hear back from you.

tdouty sstatham I just zipped up a 2.0.2 release of NeatlineTime, which should fix the issue you've been having. This update will update the query field for your timelines, and should return them to their previously-working values. That said, you should probably back up your database before upgrading, and confirm the timeline data does get converted back to their working values. If they don't, let me know.

Thanks Jeremy. We loaded the fix on our development server and the report is that it works now! Thanks again.