Museum collection AND Digital Asset Management system?

Hi,n I understand Omeka is great to maanage a collection and I like that.
However, the project I deal with includes that, but also the publisghing of a large digital archive (history archives, large number)
Would Omeka be also it to handle that or should I rather go to a more specialized system? What could be the limitations?

Omeka still can work for a large digital archive, but I really can't make this decision for you. You and your organization know the specific needs of your archive and the capabilities of the IT staff. If the archive is very large with many types of files, or with many different organizations sharing/collaborating with collections, you may need a DAMS for managing the assets and then a presentation platform, such as Omeka, for publishing it to the web and creating online exhibitions. If you don't need both, Omeka will probably work.

Have you looked at any of the digital archive sites in Sites Using Omeka page in the Documentation?

In particular, you should take a look at the Florida Memory Project from the state library and archive of the state of Florida:

Thank you Sheila, I'll look at that

Hi Agnest,

Omeka is open source and quite flexible, so you really could make it do what you need to - but as Sheila says, it really has to be technical and usability decision.

You can also look at hosted solutions like