Multiple subjects in one box

It seems clumsy to have to use a new box for each subject keyword. Can semicolon delimited items (or some other format) be used to enter in multiple subject keywords in the metadata field?

It'd be possible to filter both the display of the form, and how the subject data is saved by a simple plugin. What do others think?

If you have ~10 subjects, then yes: the form is going to be rather long in its current state. Does dspace just use semicolon delimited entry for item metadata, and is that preferred for your use-case?

It'd be great to see a few simple plugins that dynamically change the item add/edit form based upon different ways of entering data to suit different needs.

You can use semicolons (or any other delimiter) on any field if you want, though the values won't be tokenized in the database. It's all just unqualified Dublin Core. There are two things you could do:

1) Make a plugin that does this (as Dave suggests), or wait for a plugin to be built. There has been talk of eventually making a controlled vocabulary plugin, which would allow you to give a list of possible subjects and then allow the person doing data entry to choose from that list.

2) Assume you are always going to have your subjects delimited by a semi-colon, and put some extra code in your theme to display it properly. You could put the following in the custom.php of your theme to display all of the subject values as an unordered list:

add_filter(array('Display', 'Item', 'Dublin Core', 'Subject'), 'display_subject');

function display_subject($subject)
    return '<ul><li>' . join('</li><li>', explode(';', $subject)) . '</li></ul>';