Multiple Contribution Types of Same Item Type

I'm wanting to be able to create multiple contribution types based upon the same item type, but it doesn't seem that the drop-down menus in Contribution allow this.

I have an item type that is 'Still Image', but I would like to create multiple contribution types to allow submissions to be able to direct contributed images to either a community collection for current images or a historical collection for historical images.

I am able to manipulate the tables to accomplish this, but I can't think of any reason that it should not be able to be achieved through the admin interface.

Am I just over-thinking how to accomplish this?

Does this scenario get closer to what you have in mind?

Right now, the submission settings available on the admin side let you set a single collection that contributions go to.

If there were a way to bump the collection options out to the contribution form, with appropriate text for the contributor, and use that to shunt contributions to different Omeka collections, does that get at the needs?

Thanks for your response! Yes, that seems like an option, but I was thinking that being able to define a collection associated with "contribution type" would prove the most meaningful.

So, I could create a "Historical Image" contribution type, based on "Still Image" item type, and a "Community Image" contribution type based on "Still Image" item type as well, but indicate that I want the contributions to be funneled to different collections. This would also allow me the ability to adjust the prompts to that collection, if necessary.

Seems like that could be a useful feature. not sure when we might be able to add it in, but I've added it to the list of issues to address when we do have some time for it.