Multiple collections in admin

I have created multiple collections on the admin page and when a user clicks on the Item Type metadata they choose which collection the item is associated with. This works perfectly for the first collection, when they save their changes it shows the DC and then the Item Type metadata and when they click to see the list of items it has the name of the collection in Type. However, this does not work for the rest of the collections (2-5) you get all of the collections in the pull-down list and when you choose one, the information is display but when you click save only the DC is display and when you search the items, the Type is blank, but if I go back to the record and pick the Item Type again (as it doesn't hold) all the information is there and saved. How do I get it to show Type for the other collections?

I forgot to mention that the tags belong to multiple collections, so tag Box number is associated with Collection A, B and C.

I figured out the issue is that it is not saving item_type_id to the database. If I manually edit it to give an item_type_id of 4 for example, then it works correctly. I don't know why it is not updating the Item_type_id in the omek_items table.

What version of Omeka are you using?

Version 2.2.2

In the /home/mdharves/public_html/admin/error_log, I have this error:
PHP Notice: Undefined index: html in /home/mdharves/public_html/application/models/Mixin/ElementText.php on line 514
but I see that same error earlier in the logs before the problem started so I don't think they are related.

When you select a non-working Item Type and save, is there any error or success message displayed by Omeka? Do you get redirected to the item's show page or do you stay on the edit form?

When I select a non-working Item type, it takes me to the correct list of tags (no errors), I can then fill in all of the tags and click Save. It saves the record with no errors, I get the message: The item "AE_Archives_box07_env176_image01.jpg" was successfully changed! I can then see all of the Dublin core tags but not the Item Type tags. If I click on Edit again, then the Item Type Metadata pull-down does not have the item type I selected but if I select it again (Building for example) then the tags have all of the information saved.

Sorry, I figured this out, this was completely my fault, I modified the edit/items.php as I was trying to make the thumbnail display larger (like it does for the show and I must have added something I shouldn't have because when I put it back to the original items.php (I kept a copy just for this reason) it works correctly. Now, if I could just get the thumbnail to display larger correctly without freaking out everything else.

I am doing an experiment using Omeka and data entry for old images for my dissertation and one compliant I had from participants was to make the thumbnail larger without opening a new window on the edit screen and my poor php skills caused this problem. So sorry.