Multiple collections for one item

Is this possible to have the same item under a couple of collections?
Currently I can assign only one collection to an item. I'd like to have more collections selected for a single item.

At the moment, an item may only belong in one collection.

We are, however, developing a plugin that will allow a user to assign an item to more than one collection. I cannot give you an exact date when it will be available, but most likely it would be available at the end of the summer.

Thanks, this is really good news. I thought I would have to write my own plugin but it wouldn't be any faster for sure.

miniol, when anyone makes this request we recommend that they ask themselves two questions: 1) why do I want to assign an item to more than one collection; and 2) why not use tags to do the same thing?

Whereas collections are formalized containers for intrinsically related items, tags are informal, self-contained keywords that can apply to any item across collections. If you're using collections to informally describe your items, consider using tags instead. Otherwise, the plugin that SheilaBrennan mentioned above will do the trick.

why do I want to assign an item to more than one collection

You may categorize items from many points of view. I could have collections like i.e. "XIX century Paintings", "My favorite art", "Oil paintings" and "Paintings of E.Delacroix" in my art gallery. A single painting may belong to all of the collections.

why not use tags to do the same thing?

Tags are for me rather like a key words to describe some common character for items of different type. I can use "impressionism" to tag a painting from that period and an artist who created those time.

So the best option for me is to wait for the plugin mentioned by SheilaBrennan.

Apologies for bumping an old thread, but just wondering whether there's any news on this plugin development...?

Interested as well!

Hi, just bumping this once more to see if this plugin has been created yet?

There has been some work on it here, but never made it to testing for a release.

Thanks for the update!

Just wondering if there has been any follow up on this

This component does not work. :)

This component does not work. :)

It was never updated to work with Omeka 2. I don't anticipate us doing any work on it.

Thank a lot for comment. But I need plugin link.

What's above is the only link. There is no active development on it, so there's nothing for Omeka 2.

Others have created similar behavior by using tags on items instead of collections, and producing navigation to see lists of items according to tags.


I upgraded it for Omeka 2 (see I find it interesting. Nevertheless, I won't use it, because I prefer to use the Dublin Core metadata relations directly.


Daniel Berthereau
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To bring up an old chestnut, we too would be very interested in an Omeka (2) plugin that allowed us to 'enter once, use multiple times'.

Using tags is an attractive proposition and we did try it, but unfortunately for us, we need the items to be in a certain order because we use the json output to construct online exhibitions (yes, we are aware of the Exhibitions plugin, but we use json/php to output one page online exhibitions). The Collections page allows us to re-order items, and the output is in the order that we set. This does not seem to be an option with tags?


Omeka 2 upgrated really interesting

Either the one Daniel has forked or the original _might_ do the trick. One of the reasons that development on the plugin hasn't moved forward is the many ways that it doesn't always interact well with the rest of Omeka and its themes and plugins. The Item Order plugin is a major example, if you are using it.

I'd say it is worth trying the existing code on GitHub, even though it is not in an official release, to see if it works well enough for your needs