Multiple and Multilingual Values for a MD field


I would like to consult the community and the team as for what would be the best way to implement the need for multi-value multilingual fields in a MD set.

I guess we need something that could be a rather useful feature of any crowdsourcing system in our times: we would like to tag certain fields as "translatable" and then allow contributors to provide translations of the field value to various languages.

Of course, we would not like do define the translations ad hoc fields translation_ES, translation_RU etc, but to have a generic built in mechanism for translations.

Please share your ideas.



Perhaps no one has come across such a need.

Let me ask a simpler question: how to implement multiple values for an MD field in Omeka?

Thank you,

Currently, you can add multiple values to all the fields via the admin interface by clicking the "Add Input" button next to the fields.

To your original question, I think that would be difficult without building new things in the core. I suppose a plugin could create a table that maps between an element text and the language that it is in, but none of our current theming functions would know about that, and so those would all have to be rewritten to look for that data.