MultiCollections Error

I have installed the multicollections plugin, but it does not seem to be working properly. When I map an item to multiple collections, it saves those settings in the item's data on the administrative side, but does not add the item to the additional collection.

This might be due to the heavy-handed way that MultiCollections works. Because it basically circumvents much of the native Collections code and mechanisms in Omeka, the usual collection-related functions will not work with MultiCollections. Instead, they need to be replaced in your theme.

I _think_ that the guide in the README covers all the functions that need to be replaced in your theme to make it work. If I've missed things, please let me know.

Thanks Patrick. I have edited the functions in my theme, so everything looks good on the public site.

On the administrative interface the collections tab has been over-ridden and shows the collections with all items that are mapped to multiple collections. But when I select a collection to edit, it only shows those items that had the given collection as their first collection. Which means that I cannot use the item order plugin to reorder all of the items.

If that doesn't make sense, here is a little background: I had all of my items mapped to single collections initially. After the upgrade to 1.5, I incorporated the collection tree plugin. Now my initial collections have been divided into 2 parent collections. I mapped all of my items to the appropriate parent collections. So my parent collections, which are the ones I want to reorder, do not have any items that were created with the parent collection as their first collection. So when I try to edit the parent collections from the administrative interface, it appears that those parents collections have no items.

Ah, I think I see. There are two things happening.

First, there seems to be a bug in MultiCollections causing it to not properly count the number of items in a collection, but that's mostly peripheral to what your bigger issue.

That's because MultiCollections, Item Order, and Collection Tree all came about independently to solve different particular needs, and they do not necessarily play well together, again because of MultiCollections circumventing the usual workings of Collections. And so Item Order looks for items in the usual Omeka way, but MultiCollections does not, resulting in the mismatch.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is a quick fix to get them to work together.