moving servers and upgrading versions at the same time: copying files

I built an Omeka installation on a server connected to my school, and I'm trying to move everything to the new installation I've created on my own server space.
The Omeka installation on my server space has the latest version of Omeka, 1.2, but the first website has an earlier version of Omeka.
The first site will still be in existence for awhile, but I'd like to copy everything over before I lose that. So far, I've successfully re-installed all my plugins and a custom theme for the new installation, but I tried to copy over the archive files, archive thumbnails, archive square thumbnails, and archive fullsize. When I copied the db.ini file from the first installation to the second installation, it did not work and I got the error message: "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)"

I've looked at the upgrading instructions and the information wanderingwill offered halsant in the forums for moving from one server to another, but none of my files are appearing in the new installation, and none of my simple pages have moved.

I suspect I'm missing something, but is there something I should be checking or something I haven't copied that I need to make the files appear?

Everything looks great minus the missing files on the copies installation.

What exactly do I need to do to get my previous entries from an earlier version of Omeka on a different server to appear on the newer version of Omeka in the second server?

Did you copy and then edit the db.ini file to reflect the new name of the host, and other possible differences such as database name?