moving Neatline maps to a new omeka instance

Essentially, I'm wondering if the Omeka API import plugin can be used to move existing Neatline maps from one instance of Omeka to another. If not, is there another way we can accomplish this?

I don't think Neatline has been made to interact with Omeka API import. I don't think there's a good option for moving Neatline content over

The folks at UVA have confirmed that the omeka api import plugin does not work with Neatline, but I was told that there is another option.

You can do a simple database dump-and-restore and transferring the contents of the files directory. You can get all of Neatline's data by getting these tables:

* omeka_neatline_exhibits
* omeka_neatline_records

(The names may be slightly different, depending on what¹s in your site¹s db.ini file.) More information about this is available at this page: