Moving items and files to Amazon S3

I have 450 Items in our collection and want to change the storage of files from local to Amazon S3. I have 450 PDF files attached to these items already. Is there a way to migrate these files over to S3 or do I have to delete them and start the uploading process over?

Also, once the Amazon S3 storage is set up, can I still use the dropbox plugin?


There's nothing automatic set up for moving from one storage system to another. It's possible to move all your files over to S3, as the structure is the same, but you'd have to do that yourself.

The Dropbox plugin should still work fine with S3 storage. The "dropbox" folder will still be local, and any files added from it to an item would be uploaded to S3.

thank you

I realize this is a year or so ago, but was there any success in this? I copied over our files into S3, and the get operations are working fine, but now Omeka is throwing an Omeka_Storage_Exception when I try to PUT to the bucket, even though I've granted the Omeka S3 Access Key (who can successfully GET things from the bucket) has full permissions (literally s3:*) on this bucket. With this same account I can PUT files via the S3 CLI, but Omeka continues to fail. Any ideas?