Move Text from PDF Text in Files show.php

I would like to move just the PDF Text portion of the primary div in the Files show.php to the bottom of the page. How would I call just the text at the bottom and how might I eliminate that from the primary div?

Example of a current page:

You'll want this guide to overriding default theme templates. The template file you'll want to override is application/views/scripts/files/show.php.

PDF Text is actually a new element set, so the line that spits it out is

<?php echo all_element_texts('file'); ?>

That's in the primary div, so moving that around wherever want should be fine. That's assuming that you aren't putting Dublin Core metadata on files themselves. If you're doing that, we'd have to get fancier, but it doesn't seem like it, and it's pretty rare.

I should also note that, when I looked at that file, I noticed that there might be a stray closing </div> right at the bottom inside the <aside>. I haven't confirmed it, but it looks like that shouldn't be there.

Update -- I might have spoken too quickly. It seems like you are producing some routes that might not quite match the usual Omeka routes. If that's the case, there might be finer details for us to work out. But, the above will likely be a start.

First off, I did have an extra </div> - I fixed that.

Strangely, just changing the version in application/views/scripts/files didn't change anything, even with there being no "files" folder in the theme.

I was able to fix the problem by creating a "files" folder in the theme and adding an edited copy of show.php there. I moved the line you suggested into a new <div> and that worked great!