.mov files either blank or question mark after upload


I was having problems uploading .mov files, and the blacklist trick suggested by John Flatness in the "Quicktime VR upload error" thread worked--for most of them. However, there are a few files that upload from Dropbox successfully (no errors), but when I try to view them they are either blanks--which I can "play" (click on the play button and the slider runs across the bottom of the viewer) but there isn't anything there--or I get a Quicktime Q that hangs there for awhile before changing into a Q-with-question mark.

In the case of the blank movies, I have gotten a QuickTime information window that tells me "Additional software is required for QuickTime to playback this media. It may be available from the QuicTime components page." All of the files are .mov files--as far as I can tell there is no difference in format between the files that work and those that don't. Examples:



Any ideas?

Some new info:

The "blank" movies seem to be corrupted somehow, as they all have similar file names and they all have the same problem--audio but no video.

I have gotten the other type to work (sort of) by converting it to MP4. However, this isn't optimal, as it does not show up with a player--it shows as a link. When you click the link the movie plays full screen. Progress, but.....


You could try the HTML5 Media plugin, which plays nicely with .mp4 videos, but that one you gave an example of seems to be using the older MPEG-4 Visual codec. Browsers and devices generally have much better support for the newer H.264 video codec.

As for the .mov files that wouldn't play, it sounds like they were using a different video codec than the others. The originals seem to have been taken down though, so it's hard to be sure.

I wonder anybody have solution for the mov file wouldn't play? I know .mov wouldn't play on Chrome, but it wouldn't play on either Firefox and Safari as well.

The movie file is huge though (it's ~ 2GB), is that becuase the file size too big?

I am using Html5 media plugin, and I add "video/quicktime" for MIME Type and "mov" for the extension. Is that enough?



It really depends on the specifics of your video. .mov files can (and often do) contain video codecs that the browsers just can't play.

Size can be a factor too, particularly if the file's not web-optimized (meaning basically that the browser has to download the whole thing before it can play any part of it).

If you have a link to the file, I could say more about whether it should work and what you might have to change.

Thanks John, hope you can access it:


The things I mentioned above could still definitely be issues, but when I downloaded the file from the link you posted, it came back as being about ~1.5 GB and everything I looked at it with treated it as truncated and wouldn't play it.

Is it possible you're dealing with a corrupted copy of the file, either the original or the copy you uploaded to Omeka?

Thanks a lot John...we just have to convert the file from .mov to mp4 first. I tried few of them it seems works better -- just another extra step.

Thanks again John,