More than one file (digital asset) per item.


I want to associate more than one file (digital asset) per item. When I add the second and third, etc. digital files they just follow eachother:

How do I make each digital asset appear in different parts of the page?

Assume that I need to modify:

but how?


Thank you!

Think the issue is that:

uses an array:
<?php echo display_files_for_item(array('imageSize'=>'fullsize')); ?>

Is there another function so I can point/call different assets in one item record?

Not sure if it will suit your needs, but the file_markup function might dot the trick with your theme. You would need to get the array of files with $files = $item->Files and break that array apart as needed, then pass in individual files or an array to file_markup

Thanks, Patrick. Yes, see

Any examples of how to use?

Again, thanks.