Monitoring omeka user/usage

Since using omeka system is becoming part of the jobscope in my workplace, Is there any way to monitor the frequency of staff login to it and their activity inside I could prepare my progress report of the project...and at least I could find out who are really committed /serious with this project..

This is likely possible with a plugin, but isn't something we have on our radar right now.

haslant: I would add that if you or someone you know is interested in developing a plugin for this, feel free to talk about the idea here or on the omeka-dev list.

At my end, I'm not that good to develop a plugin...but I try to find someone to help on this...if any..

Jeremy, Im using stat counter to monitor my staff activity... i put the stat code at the login page and and jot down their pc IP... from that point I'm able to know when my staff login to ummemory/omeka...