modify css in Thanks, Roy theme

For a digital exhibit, I want to change the font for the body text to a san serif in the “Thanks, Roy” theme, but don’t know where to locate the css line of code to change. I've looked under /var/www when accessed remotely via FileZilla, but I can’t even find the “Thanks, Roy” theme. I’m assuming it might be “default,” but not sure where to go from there.

The css file for ThanksRoy would be in the following file path, starting in your omeka installation: themes/default/css

Changing the default font style should be around line 375 in style.css

Thanks, found it.

New question: is there a relatively simple way to present multiple images for one item, e.g. a book with many pages, each a jpeg? I have read some discussion of a page turner plug-in developed by an outside user, but it sounds beyond my time & ability right now.