mod_rewrite on WebFaction

Having just got Omeka installed on WebFaction, I thought I'd note that you get an annoying 'mod_rewrite not installed error' even though it really is.

Never fear! The solution is the same as that posted by aumannb (thanks!) at the bottom of this thread. Set RewriteBase in the appropriate .htaccess files and it works.

Thanks for the tip!

Hello, I am new to Omeka as well as WebFaction. I have tried unsuccessfully to install Omeka on my newly created WebFaction

I changed the .htaccess as follows:
RewriteBase / in the base dir changed to RewriteBase /omeka
RewriteBase /install/ in the install changed to dir RewriteBase /omeka/
RewriteBase /admin/ in the admin dir changed to RewriteBase /omeka/

Even after those changes I still get this "mod_rewrite not installed error" ....

Thank you very much for your help,

Ok, never mind, I realised I should have changed to /omeka/install and /omeka/admin respectively.........