mod_rewrite error resolution

I didn't see this mentioned anywhere so I thought I'd mention it here. I just had some difficulty while installing Omeka. I got the mod_rewrite is not enabled error and have just spent a ridiculous amount of time tracking down why. After testing that mod_rewrite was indeed working and trying all sorts of other things I discovered that the problem was:

My server didn't know its own hostname. Specifically, I was testing without using the fully qualified name. Once I added that to the /etc/hosts file everything worked splendidly.

ie. If my server is named then I was testing by simply using http://myserver/omeka/ which failed because at the very least was not mapped to "myserver" although it was to "".

Lesson learned and I figured I should mention it here.

I had run into similar issues during the install using a host of "localhost", however switching to using from the browser for the duration of the install process resolved the issue.

Once installed, browsing using a host of "localhost" in the browser seemed to work fine.