Mod rewrite problem

We just installed omeka on a ubuntu 9 machine with apache 2. According to webmin our mod_rewrite module is active and according to the apache config files it's where it should be. However, when we try to install omeka it says mod_rewrite must me enabled.

Any ideas or suggestions?


there's a helpful tutorial online about installing Omeka on Ubuntu:

Have you taken a look at this?

I had same issue on Apache server.

.htaccess file uploaded with following text in lower case "ReWrite Engine on"

changed .htaccess file to UPPER CASE
"ReWrite Engine ON"

Waited several days to 30 minutes for server to catch up / refresh.

Installation worked.

Dont Know if upper or lower case is issue HOWEVER
LINUX systems are case sensitive, too, so go figure. I thought maybe it was a time issue also.

Maybe this helps?