"Missing Needle" error in Zend Http.php

Hi all! Very excited to try out Omeka, but have hit a snag at the end of the install process. I followed the Install from Terminal directions. When I go to complete the install, I end up with the following in my error_log:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: SCRIPT_NAME in /home2/lumenle1/public_html/oer/bootstrap.php on line 67

PHP Warning: strpos(): Empty needle in /home2/lumenle1/public_html/oer/application/libraries/Zend/Controller/Request/Http.php on line 508

Any ideas what's going on? I'm trying to install Omeka on Bluehost, if that helps at all.

Many thanks in advance...


Not sure immediately. How far through the install process did you get?

This is the error I get when I pull up install/install.php in the browser. I also get the the Empty Needle error if I try "php install/install.php" from the command line.

so far, I haven't been able to reproduce this on my BH account, so forgive me for stabbing in the dark a little.

First off, the install page asks for data from the user, so it'll be better to try installing via the browser when you get to that step.

The Notice at line 67 surprises me a little, for two reasons. One is that on my BH install that index is set, so there might be some variation within BH.

The second is that the Notice appears at all. Generally that level of reporting is turned off and wouldn't show up.

Either way, though, that chunk of the code would carry on with its work, even without SCRIPT_NAME being defined.

Speaking of the level of reporting, with those coming up, I'm surprised that there isn't a Fatal Error being reported later. It seems like if the script just stops on that page, there would be something more severe than a Warning.

So, do you know if anything special has been set up for error reporting on that domain?

And, probably an odd question on my part, but could you give a link to the Install from Terminal instructions you're working from? I just want to check that there aren't multiple versions or errors floating around out there.


Ok - I figured it out. There was something wrong with the permissions of the files and directories (which I set following the "Install from Terminal" directions) that was preventing PHP from executing properly. When I deleted the directory and unzipped the source again clean, without fiddling with the permissions, everything worked fine.

The missing needle error was only occurring when I tested the php files from the command line, because there was no requestUri for the script to latch on to.

Thanks for your thoughts and help on this one!