Missing index file in script folder

I have come across this error message when trying to access Omeka.

Omeka 404
"/" is not a valid URL.

Error: script 'index.php' not found in path (/home/nickg/webapps/ashestorubble/application/views/scripts/)

I have downloaded Omeka 0.10 several times and have not once seen an index file in the script folder. I even tried downloading Omeka 1.0 alpha and encountered the same problem.
The tech support for my server created the info.php file for me so I am fairly sure that it is not a mod_rewrite error. Is there a way for me to create this index file myself?

Hi, some things you could verify for me:

Did you successfully install Omeka?

When I try to access the install script for your site (http://nickg.webfactional.com/install/), it gives an error saying that mod_rewrite is not enabled. If you haven't installed Omeka yet, you will get the errors you mentioned b/c your themes aren't properly configured. Those errors will go away once you complete the install script.

Also, is your server Apache?

Here are some possibilities: you don't have mod_rewrite, or you don't have AllowOverride enabled on your server (meaning it won't read your .htaccess file), or there is some other directive in the Omeka .htaccess file that doesn't play well with your server config.

I'd recommend asking your server admin about these things and then let us know what you find out.

I relayed what you said in the previous post to Web Faction. Here is the reply I received from them recently:

Your server is running Apache and mod_rewrite/AllowOverride *are* enabled.

It seems most likely that the default Omeka .htaccess is causing problems. Although it is a little odd that it doesn't work on multiple environments.

Just to let you know, I'm still working on getting Omeka working at all, and I'll report back with a status update if I make any headway.

First, you can try checking your apache error logs. That might give some clues as to whether the .htaccess is to blame.

If that doesn't help, I would try removing lines or sections from .htaccess in a trial and error fashion to see if one or more is causing the problem. Be sure to let us know if you find the offending line(s), because pretty much all of those lines are necessary for one reason or another.

Unfortunately, the Apache directives can sometimes be finicky on shared hosting. We've gotten positive results from a number of hosting environments, including Dreamhost, so I'd say that if you're not dedicated to a specific host and you continue to have problems, recommended solution would be to switch hosts.

Switched over to Dreamhost today and was able to successfully install Omeka, which is pretty nice. However, now I cannot access the site as an administrator. I am able to bring up the screen, but it will not allow me to log in.

Is this a mod_rewrite issue as well?

We've had great success with Omeka running on Dreamhost. Is it possible that you've forgotten your password? When you try to login and it doesn't allow you to, what error message do you see? Is there a blank screen?

Figured it out, my Firefox is apparently too good at keeping out certain sites. Just changed the settings and am good to go. Thank you very much for your help in this and hopefully I will not have to come back for more assistance, at least for awhile.