Min-Width for wrap element?


When I make the window too small on Omeka, the entire menu disappears until I refresh the page. In addition, things like the search bar and the site title get all wonky. Is there some quick CSS to fix this?

Is this the public or admin site?

The admin theme and the bundled themes are designed to move the menus, search boxes and other elements around to account for smaller screen sizes and mobile browsers.

It is the public site. I just was not sure why the menu disappeared entirely and would not reappear when the window was adjusted larger again.

Which theme was this, and which browser(s)?

The themes are generally supposed to adjust correctly to smaller and larger window sizes, and shouldn't get "stuck" like that.


This was the default "Roy" theme with Google Chrome as the browser. I have edited the CSS file though.

IE10 and Safari have the same problem.

Firefox has an additional problem of not restoring the homepage picture either

Opera worked correctly in all regards.

The URL is http://earlymodernsandbox.com/projects/archive/ if it helps.