MIME Types / Image Display issues on Items in Omeka

I've been running into a display issue on Omeka that seems to have something to do with Type Metadata on certain images.

For example, if you look at the images on this page:


You'll notice that the file for Page One shows up in the list of files, but a thumbnail is not generated for it.

It seems to me that this has something to do with the Type Metadata on the particular file: while the file is a JPEG, it is labeled an image / tiff in its Type Metadata (the images in this collection were converted from tiffs to JPEGs before we received them).

Would anyone know what might be privileging the Type Metadata? I'd rather try to figure out if this is something I can fix via an Omeka / theme setting than re-format every image in this particular collection (images that do display as JPEGs have been created while staff members have been consolidating / redacting certain files, but this isn't a required step in the workflow for every single item in this collection). Might this be something with our customized theme (we use Fancybox / Fancy Light Box to display images on Item Pages)? Any help would be appreciated!

It looks like the derivatives have been generated, so it might be a problem retrieving them for some reason. Do these look like the correct derivatives?




Those are the correct ones: thanks Patrick! Any idea on why they might not be getting retrieved?

Hmm....does seem weird. On the admin side, when you go to the item page and then click on the link in the File Metadata box, that will get you to the admin file show. There, there should be links to all the derivative images. Do those links and images seem to work okay?


Hi: yes, there are all links there.

If it helps, the name of the file on the TIF that doesn't display is different from the other images that do (the file name is the URL where the original image is hosted on our server, as opposed to the new names generally generated by Omeka; for example, the second item is named "2e1a74f8fe39d6c5f786494e1273409a.jpg").

What does your theme do there on items/show.php at the part where it's printing the thumbnails?

Could it be that you just have code there checking the mime type of each File to decide whether to show its thumbnail, and that check is just for image/jpeg?

It looks like the theme's item display settings don't like tifs when it comes to MIME types: here's the code.

$img = array('image/jpeg','image/jpg','image/png','image/jpeg','image/gif');

What's odd is that only some of the items we've received (the tifs that have been converted to jpegs in this particular collection) retain the tif MIME type. In any case, it looks like this is something odd that happened when the files were converted and not necessarily an issue with Omeka. Thanks for helping me clarify that!