Migration wants to do fresh install

I performed a migration to a new server but upon going to the new server address Omeka refuses to bring up the old site, it wants to install a new one. There is nothing in the migrate or update documents about this event. I have checked the migrated SQL and the previous records are all there, including the users it now wants me to make fresh. Why is it unable to find itself and insisting on doing an install (fresh configuration)? Before the migration I upgraded to the latest version, which is essentially the same procedure other than the database export and import, and it worked flawlessly.

Well, moments later I figured out the issue. The documentation is missing a VERY important tidbit about the db.ini file, and that is what the PREFIX line is about. That MUST be the same otherwise it can't find itself apparently, though it's unclear that that field actually does. By default a new install has omeka_ in there, but previously when setting this up in a pre-built test environment from Turnkey, that field was blank. Someone might want to make a footnote in the migration doc about this.