Migration Error #38 "Duplicate column name 'version'"

I'm trying to upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2.1 and I've been getting the same error message for the last week. I've successfully upgraded before, and I'd followed the steps for upgrading until you reach the point where you return to the admin panel and hit "admin."I keep getting the following error message, or a couple other variations, but it consistently refers to the column error, and usually has this number:

"Omeka is now upgrading itself. Please refresh your screen once this page finishes loading.

Omeka encountered an error when upgrading your installation:

Error in Migration #38

Message: Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate column name 'version'"

Can anyone please explain what I need to do? Thank you!

I'm still getting this message, and obviously I'm unable to upgrade to 1.3 until I upgrade to 1.2...
Has anyone else encountered a #38 error in migration?
Or a duplicate column name version error?

Can you post the value of the "migration" option in your omeka_options table? An Omeka 1.1 installation should have a "migration" value of 42.

That error you're seeing is a result of Omeka trying to run upgrades meant to happen when you upgrade from Omeka 1.0 to 1.1.

Hi John, I was looking into somethings about another upgrade and I never got back to this post, the issue ended up requiring someone with far better PHP understanding than I have, but it seemed to be caused by duplication from the old Omeka database information having the same names as the download of Omeka. I believe this was fixed by deleting all the files in the database and re-importing the backup of the original database files.
I hope this ends up helping someone, and I apologize for not seeing this sooner!