Migrating from Apache to Nginx ()

I have developed an Omeka site on a server from MediaTemple. We recently upgraded our web server at my institution, and we now have the server capacity to host it ourselves.. ANYWAY....

The server the site was built on uses Apache, and we use Nginx.
I have moved the files, and imported the database, and get a mod_rewrite is not enabled. Apache's mod_rewrite extension must be enabled for Omeka to work properly. Please enable mod_rewrite and try again error when accessing any page. To get around this problem with Nginx and Wordpress, I've always used`location /history {
try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
}` to allow mod_rewrite, but it doesn't work with Omeka. Hopefully someone can help me out.. Thanks!

Omeka uses a pretty specific rewrite rule to "detect" rewrite support in the installer, and that wouldn't be covered by your general rule (and I'm not familiar with nginx so I can't say whether the one you have there works the same as the "normal" rule either).

The more immediate issue is this: that message is from the installer. If you've correctly moved over your database and configuration, you shouldn't be seeing the installer.

My Nginx config is here if anyone would mind modifying it.. I am afraid I will break it if I modify too much at once.. I am new to nginx.


Thank you John.. I was wondering why the install directory was still there. It's been removed.

The installer issue is unlikely to be caused by nginx rules. Basically it means you haven't pointed your db.ini at the correct location and Omeka isn't seeing the database you moved over.

Now, you could very likely also have some problem with the rewriting, but seeing the installer is a separate problem.

The site is now working, but I get a 404 error when trying to access /admin/

I'll keep looking on my own, but another nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.

Got it. I added a rewrite rule for /admin that matched the other rewrite rule