Migrating digitized books and CONTENTdm compound objects into Omeka

Most migration into Omeka is very straightforward, but we have a significant number of digitized books with one image per page as well as some other items that have many filestreams attached.

I can think of a few ways to do this via csvimport (will having hundreds of items in a single row cause trouble?) or API, but structure/navigation is lost with these methods.

Is there a "best" way to migrate CONTENTdm compound objects and digitized books into Omeka? Thanks,


Compound objects are a tricky thing in Omeka. The internal data model doesn't really handle them well. At present, I've seen lots of bespoke workarounds, things like using collections or tags to handle the navigation to compound objects that are treated as items in Omeka.

So, is there a "best" way to handle compound objects? Not really. It comes down to a variety of workarounds based on your particular content. The Item Relations or Record Relations plugins might help.

I have just been referred to Omeka and newbie in several aspects, Really wanted to learn much of it, any way I can get guide or a booklets of the instructions if not and ebook or a FAQ ones?

We have lots of information, guides, and documentation on our documentation pages.